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Sim Racing News (U.K. Site) (U.S.A.)(Australia)(Australia)(Japan)
Excellent On-Line Magazine devoted to your favorite Auto Racing Simulation program.

The Pits
A Don't miss site! Utilities, patches, cars, & expertise

Wally'sWorld of Driving Simulators
Build your own Wheel and Pedals

Thomas Enterprises Homepage
Homepage for the TSW, "the highest quality super-precision steering wheel and pedal controller for the PC."

Modem Racers of The World
Looking for a partner to race against via modem? Bob's going to try to fill the void that IMRL has left. Check in and help out by leaving your info.

Top Speed Toolbox (formerly Race Car Setting Editor)
Pick-up the demo program for use with NASCAR or IndyCar Racing 2 or Grand Prix 2 here.

Alan's SimShop
This Site is similar to the original Sim Shop... Demos, info, news, and of course... views!


The IWCCCARS Project Home Page
US Car Sets -- European Car Sets -- Installation/Troubleshooting -- Simulation Utilities

Modified Stock Car Page
That's right! Find out how you can race Modifieds in NASCAR Racing by Papyrus.

Auto Racing Sim Corral
Mirrors track conversion utilities from Pits -- Mostly NASCAR -- Has car setup primer along with setups to download.

Armageddon, A Networking Nut's Dream come true!
If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, Tim is setting up an 8-player Lan setup for NASCAR Racing 2.

The NASNET Racing League
This league will be run on NRO "TEN" when it becomes available. If you want to participate in its conception...

Hoser's "NASCAR Racing" Home Page
NASCAR Racing setups, cars, links

Leo and Shannon's Car Page
NASCAR Cars Cars Cars Cars Cars!!!

Jon Guest's NASCAR Racing 2 place
Jon has some good driver's skill data available.

Brian's NASCAR for Mac Page!
IWCCCARS 1997 cars converted Mac format.

The Nascar 2 Green Flag Pit Stop
Includes Nascar 2 Cars, Setups, Utilities, Modem Racers, Links, FAQ's and if you think your car is beautiful enter it in the car contest!!!!

My (Bill Cranston) NASCAR Racing Homepage
Course Info & Setups -- NASCAR Tips -- Misc. NASCAR Stuff -- Car Gallery -- Race Recaps

Spyder's NASCAR Racing page
NASCAR Racing sim help files & Cars

Sean's NASCAR Racing Sim Support Site
NASSCAR Series Team Links -- NASCAR Racing Sim Support Links -- Quikfix Setup Guide by Jan Kohl, Mad Yanks Racing Team -- Sean's personal best lap times. -- Wolfe Motorsports. Updated for the 1996 Season! -- Sean's Equipment & Settings. -- Sean's Gallery Of Cars -- Setups! - Managed by Eric Busch. Always being updated! -- How-to Guide to making decent cars.

Cyber Racing Sportscenter
Take a peak at the possibilities of Hawaii Multi-Player NASCAR racing.

Camax NASCAR & Nascar Racing
Need to feed that "just one more car jones"?

Brian's NASCAR2 Page
This website has setups, cars, track info, voting booth, links, fast lap contest and more! This page is still under construction.

THUNDER MotorSports
NASCAR sim racing team "umbrella" for League racing.

SPEED Web Page
NASCAR2 (Cars, Setups, Utilities, Links)

Tire Change
Best lap times, setups, cars, utilities, links

Alex's NASCAR Pit Shop
NASCAR Racing 1 & 2

The NASCAR Network
This site houses some of the best sites on the Internet for NASCAR and NASCAR 2 information, utilities, cars, setups, and anything else having to do with the NASCAR Racing Simulations. If you cannot find what you are looking for on these sites, you can find a NASCAR public message board, chat room, and the Internet's most complete listing of NASCAR Racing Simulation links.

Tidewater NASCAR Modem Series
This series is established to give computer NASCAR drivers a chance to show their stuff. It is comprised of drivers throughout the south-eastern part of Virginia known as the Tidewater area. Since races are actually done over modem, all drivers are in the local calling area.

SimSpeed NASCAR Racing 2 Central
Utils, Cars, etc for NASCAR Racing 2!

Internet Victory Lane (IVL)
Simulated Stock Car Racing Series

Nascar 51
Setups for NASCAR2


TSP (The Sim Project)
Dedicated to keeping the Sim alive! Here you will find add-ons and enhancements created and provided by devoted IndyCar Racing II fanatics.

ICR2 Cars
This site is intended to provide a variety of ICR2 cars to fans of Papyrus's Sim.

Rick Martel's IndyCar Racing Setups
You will also find a link to an ICR2 carset composed of fellow simmer's personal cars.

Broady's Indycar Racing 2 Homepage
Utilities, Carsets, Setups (over 40!), Trackguides, ICR2 links etc.

Darrel Cherry's Racing Page
ICR2 setups

IGN Indycar II Racing League
The IGN IRL is an Internet Racing League that uses IndyCarRacing II from Papyrus It is designed for beginner/intermediate level racers but is open to all levels of competitors.

MacRacing is a new racing league designed for Macintosh. It will incorporate the Indycar II racing simulation from Papyrus/Sierra.

Championship ICR2 Racing Teams
Here you will find information pertinent to running in the CIRT Series. We are currently in the process of signing up new drivers.


CEP (The Car Editor Project)
The CEP is an attemp to make new things with the traditional car sets included in the racing simulation games by Papyrus.

TEP (Corey's Track Editor Project)
My goal is to write a track editor that will be able to create and edit race tracks for the racing simulations NASCAR Racing, NASCAR Racing 2, IndyCar Racing, IndyCar Racing II. I hope to be able to eventually provide a graphical track map on which you can draw the layout of the track as well as manipulate objects and tectures that appear on the track.

Simulator Cyberworld
NASCAR 1 & 2 and Indycar Racing 2

Stephen Jenkins Racing Page
NASCAR & ICR2 setups

Bill Castello's Racing Page
Download his STG file utility for NASCAR/IndyCar Racing ViewSTG is a great utility, and it's free! This new version supports the IndyCar Racing 2 Format from papyrus!

NASCAR / ICR II Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station is the source for all the links to NASCAR Racing and Indy Car II pages......If its on the Web its in Grand Central Station...

The Papyrus Home Page
This area contains information about Papyrus' products, services, and their company.

International Video Gamers Association(IVGA), Inc

A must have analytical/telemetry tool!

The Racer's Edge
A little of everything for NASCAR or Indycar2

IndyCar Racing 2 & NASCAR Racing for the Mac
"First Mac Only IndyCar Web Site. Now featuring NASCAR Racing for the Mac." "Under Construction!"


Pole Position (formerly The Chequered Flag)
Covers Real & Simulated racing

SandMan's MotorSports Page
Looking for a Racing Web Site -- Look here first

Yogi's Mostly Motorsport W3 Page
Real & Simulated Racing -- You can also find Chris Drake's Excellent EditReplay Excel Spreadsheets for NASCAR & ICR2 here!

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